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Welcome to our online community for privately owned trade and vocational training schools in Ontario, across Canada, and throughout the world. is a speciality publisher dedicated to the private career college sector. Through our secure online "Store" portal you can purchase publications in hard copy and electronic format authored by leading experts that will give your college a distinct advantage in today's competitive marketplace.

We are a valuable resource to registered private career colleges, as well as to students currently enrolled in vocational training programs, prospective students who are making career choices, and prospective employers in need of their services. We trust that others who will benefit from navigating this site include career college instructors, high school guidance counsellors, financial analysts, economists, industry associations, and government regulators.

We will attempt to keep you up to date with publications, seminars, and important information relating to the ever-changing regulatory climate within Ontario and elsewhere.

Since the co-founders of practice law in Ontario, our focus will initially be within this jurisdiction. However, our hope is that the online community will quickly evolve to keep pace with the global demand for skilled trades people.

There is currently a shortage of skilled trades people within Ontario, across Canada, and globally. The shortage in Canada is exacerbated by declining birth rates, an ageing population and a resource and health sector that is desperate for trained individuals. The situation is acute, and there is a unique opportunity for skilled trades people, trained allied health professionals, resource-sector workers, pharmacy technicians, and Information Technology professionals (to name a few) not only to become well-paid workers, but owners. The face of post-secondary education is changing and must necessarily change to continue to meet the labour market demand.

The explosive growth of countries like India and China have led to significant demand for infrastructure build globally. Providing high quality vocational training and career skills is not only a Canadian priority, but a global priority. We have seen a decay in infrastructure (bridges and buildings collapsing) in North America, where standards are supposedly very high. We must ensure that the desire for furious economic growth in other countries is not tantamount to quick infrastructure decay and/or collapse within those countries.

Canadians can become global leaders in setting standards and providing global guidance regarding the regulation and accredition of various programs and specific vocations.

We have erected this site in order to disseminate timely information about:

  1. The laws and regulations relating to privately run (as opposed to government funded) trade schools, and vocational training schools in Ontario;
  2. The current labour market demand in Ontario, across Canada, and globally;
  3. The manner in which future demographic trends are likely to impact on the need for private career colleges and vocational training institutions in Ontario, across Canada, and globally.

Portions of this site will be free of charge, and other sections of the site will become subscriber-based. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of product offerings as soon as possible. And these product offerings will be a direct response to industry and consumer demand. The publications of Harris Rosen, Alan Wolfish QC, and other authors, may be purchased through this site, except where copyright is not owned by them. Specialized curricula may also be purchased through this site but neither the publications, the curricula, nor any other product will constitute legal advice. Many of our products will be sold exclusively by 1742971 Ontario Limited.

A new content management system is currently in place.

We will solicit feedback and contributions from the entire sector, including the regulator, private career college operators, along with current and prospective students. We also welcome feedback from the public on these critical issues. Our belief is that the most productive learning environment is an interactive one, so we will seek constant input from industry stakeholders to promote the sector.

We ask that you be patient, as we have had numerous inquiries even prior to the publication of our site: we will make every effort to respond to all queries, but it could take some time to get back to you. We will not respond to requests for legal or professional advice through this website.

We hope you enjoy the site, and welcome your ongoing feedback!

In the meantime, you can reach us by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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